About Aspire

Aspire is a powerful business management tool that lets you do more!

Stop wasting your time managing records and focus more on your business by letting Aspire handle client/patient, employee, invoicing and appointment management

Completely customizable to any phrasing, language and features your business needs

A flexible design which runs on any device from desktops to laptops to tablets to cellphones across Apple, Android, Windows and BlackBerry systems.

  • Client / Patient Relation Management & Record Keeping
  • Real Time Sales Analytics
  • Equipment & Herbs Inventory Management
  • Professional & Customizable Invoices
  • Appointment Tracking & Reminders

Comply with Standards of Practice & Manage your Records Seemlessly

Meets expectations and complies with many best practices set out numerous organizations standards for record keeping to ensure members meet the Standards of Practice and protect public safety. Aspire manages essential records that registered members of any College are required to keep in the care of their clients / patients and in the operation of their practices.

Aspire follows Standards of Practice based on section 3(c) iii of the Jurisprudence Handbook and section 3.7 Risk Management: Patient and their Records of the Safety Program Handbook. Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA), 1991 and the Professional Misconduct Regulation (O.Reg. 318/12 made under the Traditional Medicine Act).

Access your Aspire business tool from anywhere in the world through its online password protected portal. The address of your Aspire portal will match your business of https://YOUR-COMPANY-NAME.iwillaspire.com.
Keep all your business data on location in your place of business. We will come install Aspire on your servers in your place of business to accomodate your security or privacy concerns
Need a feature to help you manage your business that's not currently in Aspire. No Problem. We will work with you to create it for you!

Aspire Services

Client Records

Detailed Client/Patient Onboarding provides an accurate, well rounded overview of critical patient information. Customizable questionnaire guarantees you get answeres to the questions you need answered.

Sales Analytics

Track sales for your business across any timeline using powerful graphing software. Manage Revenue generated against profit, taxes and any outstanding balances for indiviudual patients to everyone at once.

Employee Records

Detailed Employee records allows you to keep track of skills offering as well as manage payroll data. Historical records allow you to tell which employee was invovled in which appointments

Services & Products Records

Keep track of the Goods and Services your business offers in order to effectively track sales and advertise.

Appointment Tracking

Quickly and easily create, search, view, delete, move and track appointments. Include employee meeting with, as well as service or product applied and appointment notes.

Client Relations Management

Send Appointment Reminders through email and text the day before and the day of appointments. Remember patient Birthdays and Anniversarys and optionally send a congratulations!

Dynamic Invoices

Quickly and Easily create invoices for the business that include patient and employee information. All invoices are trackable through powerful analytics

Inventory Management

Keep inventory of your equipment and Herbs. Tracking purchase date and expiry date made easy

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